Why choose Grip Top Restoration!?

TIME– Our most Valuable possesion.We focus on making time for what’s most important in life. For us, family comes before work.  Over the years we have also come to  understand that giving our time to our clients, reaps the greatest benefit for all.How do we balance it? Our clients aren’t just another number or job. Rather, When you choose Grip Top you become family. We look forward to working with you. Our concern is focused on treating you like family and doing exactly what we say we will. Accordingly, we will spend all the needed time to do so.  We’ve learned, it always pays to do the right thing and treat everyone the right way.

Welcome to Grip Top Restoration. Welcome to the Family.



If it was spoken, it needs to happen. - ``Joe Pierron`` - Grip Top Owner


In the long run, I believe that honesty is definitely the best policy. One can get away by being dishonest for a short term, but ultimately, honesty is what pays. - ``Kapil Dev``


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. - ``Bob Marley``


The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him. - ``Henry L. Stimson``


It just won't happen. We have never, nor will we ever pay a deductible! House bill 423 in GA makes it very clear, this is against the law. You Run from any contractor who ever offers to do this!


We will never bill insurance for things not needed or work we have not performed.


We're Passionate

Some might say putting a new roof on is easy. Perhaps some even say installing new gutters is simple. However, what is hard and almost impossible to find?

  • Someone who will keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Someone who will do what they say.
  • Someone who will communicate when things change.
  • Someone who will stick to all original agreements.

Here at Grip Top Restoration, it is our prime concern to provide reliable customer service above all else. Besides, lets face it, its true the products we offer are similar to hundreds of  other companies. The difference is that most companies are concerned more about the “sale” than they are the customer. We focus on Quality not Quantity. You as the customer, come first.

We're Creative

Technology is changing, and we are changing with it!

We often use drones for roof inspections before, during and after a job. This allows us to stay safe and/or examine areas we might be unable to access.

The owner is a self taught computer programmer who has developed a proprietary software from the ground up. This is utilized for uniquely  communicating with Insurance Companies, and keeping in touch with Home Owners, Sales associates, Material Suppliers, and Installers.

We are always looking for new fun ways to market ourselves. New T-Shirt Designs, updating our website, adding blog posts, maintaining social media and the like. We understand using these methods continuously will help keep us around to serve you and others for many years to come.

We're proffessional

We treat all of our clients the same. Whether you have a million dollar home, or a double wide, we will take time to show you everything we can do for you.

You may be spending thousands on your home. We will make sure that before you agree to anything thing, you are well aware of not only the products we offer, but exactly how the process will work from start to finish.

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