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Family Owned Company
  • Phone : +1 706-GRIP-TOP
  • Email : restoration1999@gmail.com
  • Partner Website : www.atlaschalet.com
  • Address : 115 Boones Ridge Parkway
    Acworth GA 30102

"Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking" - Henry Ford

We are Grip Top Restoration, specializing in Roofing. We do it right.

The Owner Joe Pierron has 16 years experience in restoration. Many dedicated years of Roofing, Water Damage, and Mold Remediation.

Insurance company negotiations can be complex. This is our specialty. Premiums have never risen due to a claim we have helped a Home Owner file. If you have storm damage, we have a solution.

We don't hire one call closers. You will get a non pressure personalized assessment of your claim. One individual will represent you from start to finish.


Customer Satisfaction

We strive for great customer satisfaction, so please if you notice anything we could do to service you better, please let us know!

Referral Bonus!

If you refer a friend, and we end up picking up a new job, expect to see a check! We love helping your friends too!


If anyone here at Grip Top can not spend quality time with family, they could never spend quality time with you.

Our Team

  • Inside Staff
  • Joe Pierron

    Joe Pierron Grip Top Restoration

    Joe Pierron knows that Grip Top does not get it right all the time, in fact we make plenty of mistakes. What counts is what we do when we make them. We do not promise you a perfect experience. However we do operate by one of Joe's sayings, If it was spoken, it needs to happen. Grip Top will work hard to complete a job well done.

    Been here since the beginning!
  • Amy Pierron

    Amy Pierron Grip Top Restoration
    Office Manager

    Amy is Joe's Sister! She is 5 years older and much wiser no doubt. Amy worked in the office of an oral surgeon for over a decade. If she can handle irate customers with tooth pain, she can handle it all. From ordering materials, scheduling crews, contacting insurance companies and customer relations, Amy does it all. Grip Top does not know what we would do without her. She has been the single best addition to our team throughout the years!

  • Sales Team
  • Filip Murray

    Filip Murray Grip Top Restoration

    It is safe to say we have yet to see such a hard worker. Not only is Filip a hard working member of our team, he also works as a firefighter full time! Filip is a wonderful dad of 2 small boys and has a beautiful wife he is supporting. We are so happy to have him on our team.

  • Louis Baker


    The newest member of our team! Louis continues to show great work ethic and reliability in treating his customers right! We look forward to working together for many years to come.

  • History
  • Arthur Rutherford

    Arthur Rutherford Grip Top Restoration
    Former Salesman

    Arthur was one of our longest standing Salesman, having been with the company from 2016 to 2023! Joe is Arthur's son in law. Arthur won an award from Grip Top in 2017 named - "Consider It Done" - When Arthur was asked to do ANYTHING related to Grip Top or a customer, you could take it to the bank that he will would take care of it. In 2018 he won the award "Consistently Consistent". We hope all goes well with your current endeavors. You are welcome back anytime!

  • Steve Watts

    Steve Watts Grip Top Restoration

    Steve is one of the most determined human beings we had ever met. He sadly passed late September 2019. Steve was an outstanding example of humility and faithfulness. He devoted his life to serving Jehovah God and to follow Christ Jesus example as closely as possible. He loved to share the good news of the Kingdom with anyone he could. Steve's attitude and respect (at Grip Top) toward the owner, office and fellow sales staff was unmatched. We could not be happier to have had such a great member on our team!

  • Victor Silviera

    Victor Silviera Grip Top Restoration
    Former Salesman

    Give this man a list of things to do and watch him go! Constantly displayed wonderful work ethic and a positive attitude, Victor has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with. He is now trainging to become a firefighter! Thanks for all you added to our company Victor.

  • Joseph Pierron

    Joseph Pierron Grip Top Restoration
    Former Salesman

    The owner's own father worked with griptop for the greater part of a year. Here is what Joe had to say about his Dad - "I can honestly say after having my Dad work for my company it has drawn us closer. The amount of respect he showed me was impressive and heart warming. He never treated me the way I treated him growing up, talking back and questioning everything and the like. My Dad is a true example of how to treat a job." Joseph has since become an insurance adjuster!

  • Sam Rutherford

    Former Sales Manager

    Sam worked with Grip Top for a couple years before making the leap into starting his own company. We appreciate all Sam has done for this company including but not limited to - increasing sales numbers, recruiting new workers, maintaining and imporving our online marketing. Grip Top will not be the same without you!


Our Values


Cover Deductable

We have never, nor will ever! House bill 423 in GA makes this clearly against the law. Run from any contractor who offers to do this!



In the long run, I believe that honesty is definitely the best policy. One can get away by being dishonest for a short term, but ultimately, honesty is what pays. - "Kapil Dev"



The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. - "Bob Marley"



The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him. - "Henry L. Stimson"



If it was spoken, it needs to happen. - "Joe Pierron, Grip Top"


Price Gouging

We will never bill insurance for things not needed or work we have not performed.

Grip Top Restoration is the only company partnered with AtlasChalet.COM

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Our Process

  • Before a Claim
  • 1. Property Inspection

    No Obligation, Free

    We will give you an honest report at the end of our inspection. We shoot a HD video to best show anything we find.

    10-15 Minutes
  • 2. In home demonstration

    Any time of day.

    We will take time to meet with you and your spouse. Your attic is inspected for any roofing concerns. We discuss our Company, Process and Products.

    20-45 Minutes
  • 3. Show Prices

    Good, Better, Best Options

    We will show you prices so there are no bait and switch suprises. All of this process so far is done before we ever ask you to file a claim.

    5 Minutes
  • 4. File Your Claim

    We work with all insurance companies

    We will assist in calling in your claim with you. We will inform them of the storm date and time of storm, as well as any other technical information they may need about the roof.

    5-10 Minutes
  • After Claim
  • 5. Adjuster will call YOU

    Usually 1 to 3 days after we meet

    It is very important to call us to let us know when they set up the adjustment for. When the adjuster calls please note his or her name and phone number as well.

    Set a date usually within a day to 3 weeks out
  • 6. Adjuster Meeting

    We will be there!

    This is one of the most important part of our jobs! We need to be at your property to show your insurance all the damages, and fight for you to get everything you deserve!

    30-60 Minutes
  • 7. Insurance Approval

    May be instant or take up to 3 weeks

    The insurance will generally mail you a explaination of benefits and a partial first payment. Congratulations, you are approved!

    Over 90% of our clients get approved
  • 8. Final Preparations

    Pick your colors!

    We will meet with you to get final paperwork in order, and talk about color and our production schedule.

    10-20 Minutes
  • Job Install
  • 9. Materials will arrive

    Generally the day before the job

    Please check the color of the shingle to confirm, and move all vehicles from driveway so crew can start promptly the next morning.

    Will call you to schedule drop
  • 10. Day of Production

    Safety is our #1 priority

    Our crew will have a foreman on site who will be responsible for making sure job runs smooth and proper. We will come by and check the safety of the crew and make sure they have everything they need. We will always be availible to take care of any situation that would require our attention.

    Most jobs are complete in a single day
  • 11. Final walk through

    That night or next day

    We will come and walk with you around the job and address any concerns, and make sure if there are any punch out items they are taken care of ASAP.

    Completion of work signed for insurance
  • 12. Final Payment

    After you are happy and work is done of course!

    You should receive your insurance final payment from about 1 to 2 weeks after completion.

    We will help expedite this process
  • Job Complete

    Did we do a great job?

    If you are happy with our work, please consider referring us to your friends, family, neighbors, preacher, workmates, that really nice cashier at the grocery store, we are happy to try and help anyone!

    We really appreciate your business!


  1. Reflect

    Did you and your family enjoy working with us? Are you happy with the product and service?

  2. Idea

    If you had such a great experience, is it possible your friends need help?

  3. Locate

    Find and assemble the contact information for all your friends, family and neighbors.

  4. Contact

    Let us contact and offer our No Obligation services to see if we can help them!

  5. Collect

    Sit back and enjoy our referral bonus, while knowing your friends are in good hands!

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115 Boones Ridge Parkway
Acworth GA, 30102

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